Hi, I’m Graham & Susie McGregor – Specialist Journeys Escorts

We have hosted groups through Iran, Morocco, Tunisia, Kenya, South Africa, Zambia, India, Sri Lanka, Spain, Argentina and Peru and there are more in the pipeline!

Graham & Susie McGregor

My Story

Where do dreams begin? I was 10 and remember reading an article in National Geographic about the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. It took me another 40 years to feel the glorious spirit of the high Andes and the wonder of Peru.  My travel adventures really began in 1976 when my husband and I worked in and explored Iran. My fascination with Islamic art, architecture and gardens has continued through journeys of discovery back to Iran, to India, Morocco Tunisia, Spain and South America. Then there was the wonder of Africa on safari. Setting off to the glow of daylight to experience the expanse of the Masai Mara, my unexpected first sighting of a pride of lion and best of all a cheetah and her 5 cubs.

  • Born
    Melbourne, Australia
  • Destination Speciality
    Argentina, Morocco, India and Iran
  • Favourite Animal
    My grandchildren
  • My Greatest Travel Tip
    Travel light! Pack only enough clothes for a long weekend, which includes a dinner party, lunch with friends, a hike in the country and a swim.
  • Favourite Places
    Buenos Aires, Isfahan, Jodhpur, Fes, Kenya
  • Year joined the Team
  • I Never Travel Without
    A pair of brown leather lace-up shoes
  • Craziest Experience Abroad'
    Wading across a river in the Samburu National Park in Kenya where 2 weeks before I had seen a crocodile lunge to take a goat standing on the edge of the same river.
  • Greatest Accomplishment
    Traveling with friends on wonderful adventures

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