Hi, I’m Sarah Hoyland – TCSC Director & Founder of The Secret Women's Series

I was born under a flight path, opposite a railway station, above a bus stop and a taxi rank....is it any wonder I pursued a career in travel?

Sarah Hoyland

My Story

My passion for globetrotting began early, travelling with my parents who instilled in me a spirit of adventure.  I was 16 years of age when I first travelled to Africa – and that trip determined the rest of my life. On graduating from college with a Degree in Tourism & Hospitality I winged my way to Africa and spent 7 months traversing the continent followed by a stint backpacking through Europe. When my money ran out I returned to Australia and joined the team at The Classic Safari Company, ultimately becoming a Director in 2002. Over the years I’ve travelled to all seven continents, visited over 63 countries, forged global lifelong friendships and honed my haggling skills to perfection!  I am happiest when I am lost in a souk, on safari in Africa, travelling with my teenage daughters or when I have the privilege of viewing wild and wonderful places afresh through their eyes of the ladies I host on our Secret Women's Series soirees!


  • Born
    Sydney, Australia
  • Destination Speciality
    Antarctica, Bhutan, India, UAE, Oman, Morocco, Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, Madagascar
  • Favourite Animal
  • My Greatest Travel Tip
    Just go……
  • Favourite Places
    Kenya, India & Morocco
  • Year joined the Team
    From the very beginning
  • I Never Travel Without
    My iphone – it’s my camera, bank, guide book, mini cinema, latest novel, address book….. lifeline!
  • Craziest Experience Abroad'
    Swimming in Antarctica
  • Greatest Accomplishment
    Right here, right now – being able to share my extensive travel knowledge and experiences with you

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