Hi, I’m Monique Zaruba – Secret Women's Series

I've lived all over the place from France to Mexico and now Australia and I've travelled extensively through North and South America, Europe and the Pacific. With my worldwide knowledge I look after the Secret Women's Series journeys, wherever they may take us!

Monique Zaruba

My Story

I was born in New Zealand but I've had an eternal case of itchy feet! Aswell as being an avid traveller I'm a people person through and through. When I travel I love to meet the people of a country, hearing their stories, tasting their cuisine, learning their customs and trying my hardest to pick up the local language.

  • Born
    Hamilton, New Zealand
  • Destination Speciality
    Europe and both North, Central and South Americas. When can I go to Africa?!
  • Favourite Animal
    Cockatoo –you’ll always see me trying to get them onto my arm if they land on the balcony
  • My Greatest Travel Tip
    Expect the unexpected while travelling, and just relax!
  • Favourite Places
    Mexico for its people, culture food, landscapes and flare, Tahiti for its beauty, Lord Howe Island for its peacefulness and untouched waters, Broome for its dryness, the tides, pearl farms, and stunning sunsets
  • Year joined the Team
  • I Never Travel Without
    My eye mask and earplugs so that I can sleep properly on planes, or wherever I find myself. You’ll always find me with a bottle of water on hand too!
  • Craziest Experience Abroad'
    There are a few! One being when I was in Peru and some locals took me into a part of the Amazon –we got a taxi to where we could and walked to a waterfall where there weren’t pirahnas but I was told not to keep my legs still in the water or the fish would bite. Then we were told the taxi would come back at 5pm (which it didn’t), so we had to walk about 15km in the dark to the nearest town to find someone to get a phone for us. We had one phone light (no reception), there were all sorts of animal noises around us, my dinner was oranges, mangoes and bananas from the trees (but I had to be SO careful of spiders/snakes in them), and along the way two women came out of the bush from somewhere at one point with baby jaguars in their arms!
  • Greatest Accomplishment
    Two spring to mind -when I got up on stage infront of 1500 people to do a 10 minute speech in Spanish at the end of my stay in Mexico (Spanish not my first language), and another when I completed a marathon in 2016.

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