Hi, I’m Jemma Wilson – Secret Women's Series Escort

I am the leading lady of Mai Journeys. I've teamed up with The Classic Safari Company to escort the incredible ‘ladies only’ journeys of the Secret Women's Series.

Jemma Wilson

My Story

I have been traveling ever since I was a child. I circumnavigated Australia with my family in a caravan when I was young, re-did most of that journey in my late teens as a backpacker, traveled Europe, settled enough to study Fine Arts at a Sydney Art School, then bought a one way ticket to America. From New York to New Orleans, I then hopped a plane for Mexico. It was after traveling through Mexico, Central America and Cuba that I decided I wanted to work in the Travel Industry. Somehow, someway. I started as a Guide in Latin America then moved to England where I worked for two specialist tour operators over many years in an Operations capacity. Whilst living in London, whenever a spare moment presented itself, I packed my bags and explored a new corner of the world: Southern, Eastern and Northern Africa, South America, the Galapagos Islands, East & Western Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

I have always wanted to be a Travel Specialist in the truest sense of the word. After all my (continuous) travels and years working at all levels of the Industry, I am confident in my expertise and my recommendations. I give insights based on my own experiences, and offer advice based on my encounters. I have a love of art, architecture, photography, food and market shopping; and an absolute belief in traveling well – and traveling within the realms of what is ‘right for you’. I absolutely love encouraging experiential travel and am passionate about cultural exploration, adventure and the exotic. Travel has changed me. It has educated me. It has humbled me.

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  • Born
    In an Australian beach town
  • Destination Speciality
    Latin America, Asia & Middle East
  • Favourite Animal
    My Golden Lab, Sheela
  • My Greatest Travel Tip
    Book a ticket and go. And be open to anything and everything, you may never get another chance.
  • Favourite Places
    Last month, Cambodia. This month, Peru. Next month, Guatemala! But my absolute favourite travel experience to date is Iran.
  • Year joined the Team
  • I Never Travel Without
    A book, my Samsung (for photos, emails & all my Business apps), a charger and a credit card.
  • Craziest Experience Abroad'
    I couldn't give just one. That would be unfair to the others! Needless to say, there have been many...
  • Greatest Accomplishment
    Still loving every minute of the best job in the world - Travel....and my amazingly supportive Husband & Daughter.

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