Hi, I’m Hélène Boderiou – Finance Manager

Born and raised in Morlaix, France I grew up on the beach but moving to Sydney was always my plan. I’m the ‘Minister of Finance’ for the office but my passion for travel has taken me all over Europe, to the Americas, remote corners of the Pacific and beyond…

Hélène Boderiou

My Story

Coming from Brittany, France, I’ve always spent a lot of time outdoors and camping and adventuring are in my blood. Travel is my greatest passion and it’s taken me to some crazy places but moving to Australia was always my long term plan. The cheese isn't quite as good but the wine is close! Working at The Classic Safari Company has enabled me to pursue my career and follow my passion, all whilst living at the beach - I couldn't have asked for much more!

  • Born
    Morlaix, France
  • Destination Speciality
    Worldwide facts and figures
  • Favourite Animal
    Dwarf rabbit
  • My Greatest Travel Tip
    Just go!
  • Favourite Places
    Fox Glacier and Lake Tekapo in New Zealand, Yosemite National park in US, new Caledonia and Great barrier reef in Australia.
  • Year joined the Team
  • I Never Travel Without
    smiling (and a kitkat bar!)
  • Craziest Experience Abroad'
    Being lost in Sequoia National park in winter and following the fresh footprints of a bear; Swimming in the black water in Amazonia; Crawling through a tiny hole in the base of an enormous glacier.
  • Greatest Accomplishment
    Moving to Australia - and running a half marathon

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