Hi, I’m Denise Ferris – Secret Women's Series Escort

I've been leading motorcycle tours through India, Africa, Europe and the Americas for the past twelve years. I've teamed up with The Classic Safari Company to escort the two-wheeled journeys of the Secret Women's Series.

Denise Ferris

My Story

As the owner of 'World on Wheels' I have 12 years experience as a global adventurer under my belt, leading motorcycle tours all over the world. I've journeyed through India, Bhutan & Nepal to Turkey, Iceland and the Dalmatian Coast, from Morocco to South Africa and through Central & South America encompassing Peru, Mexico, Bolivia, Guatemala and Belize. Partnering with The Classic Safari Company I can combine my passion for exploration (on two wheels!), my experience as a guide and my desire to share incredible experience with like minded women. Win, win!

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