'Your Best Shot!' photography competition

With dramatic landscapes, wildlife aplenty and a staggering array of unique tribal cultures, Africa is a photographer’s playground with inspiration to be found at every turn.

For wildlife photography, Botswana is arguably the best destination in the world which is why we've chosen it as the location for our upcoming instructional photographic safari. The country's natural paradises pulse with life ranging from jewel beetles and kingfishers to playful meerkats and leopards and the wildlife is wonderfully relaxed for picture perfect posing! For landscape, portrait and macro photography, inspiration can be found across the continent from South Africa's meadows of wildflowers which bloom every July to Namibia’s eerie shipwrecks and immense sands which defy any sense of time and scale. The bright colours of the Maasai people stand proudly against the endless Mara plains while the lip plates of the Mursi and the body paint of the Karo make for stunning tribal portraiture in Ethiopia.


Feeling inspired?

Enter our photographic competition: Your Best Shot!

Submit your best travel shot and win a leather and canvas safari bag worth $285

To enter simply email your favourite travel shot taken in Africa, India or South America to ella@classicsafaricompany.com.au using the subject line 'my best shot' and include a brief description of where the photo was taken, plus any back story. The winner will receive a beautiful leather and canvas safari bag from Rugged Luxury as detailed here and all runners up will be published on our website.

No limit to the number of entries - send as many photos as you like.

Competition closes Friday 30th November | Ts and Cs apply

Good luck!


Here's a selection of our favourite entries so far…


My best shot - A magic morning laying back on a Catamaran sailing around Walvis Bay Namibia feeding the pelicans and seals, sightseeing and dining on fresh delicious oysters. One of the many great Namibian experiences. Pauline Kirby


My best shot, from my trip to India, was taken on the road to Jaipur, from a moving car, with an iPhone. This photo makes me smile widely. It captures everything that is beautiful and insane about India. Tanya Dammerer


This photo was taken at Amboseli with a small Panasonic Lumix 20 x zoom. The elephants seemed to be on a trek with a purpose. Right at the back was a large bull elephant in musth. As we sat snapping away and the bull got closer to us, he spotted us. No way was he going to have anyone near all his females, so he changed direction and headed toward us. Our driver decided it was a wise move to retreat. I now have this shot enlarged and on a canvas backing, it draws many a comment. I have been to Africa four times now, but I haven’t finished! Barbara Gleeson


I would like to submit a photograph I took on safari in May 2018. The photo was taken whilst staying at Savannah Lodge, Sabi Sands. We had been tracking this leopard for the early part of the morning and then she had gone off into the bush. David, our guide, had decided it was time for morning tea and when we arrived at the site there she was. Obviously we did not have our morning tea at that site but spent time just sitting watching her and I took this photo of her sitting on sandy rising with the valley falling away in the background. Anne Gridley


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