Summit to Sea - Conquering Kilimanjaro with the Secret Women's Series


Uhuru – the Swahili name for Mt Kilimanjaro – means ‘freedom’. And there’s nothing like the sense of freedom, triumph and sheer exhilaration you’ll feel, standing on the ‘Roof of Africa’.

Our ‘Summit to Sea’ journey will see you tackling Mount Kilimanjaro in the company of Africa’s most experienced guides and porters. While Kilimanjaro is not a ‘technical’ climb (no special equipment or skills are needed), it’s an extremely challenging hike to almost six thousand kilometres above sea level (5895m) and it will be the hardest thing that many have ever done.

Here's what you can expect..

The Secret Women's Series 'Summit to Sea' adventure to the roof of Africa follows the scenically-spectacular, Machame Route. Incorporating three nights prior to commencing the climb, along with an additional night on the mountain - unlike standard itineraries - this tour critically allows more time for acclimatisation, resulting in a far higher summit success rate.

Beginning in Moshi, Tanzania, there’s an acclimatisation day on the slopes of Mt Meru, including a visit with the Mulala Women’s Group, a community initiative to support local women through new income-generating projects.



The climb itself winds up through giant ferns and montane cloud forest where Colobus monkeys leap amongst the canopy. It emerges above the tree line, revealing sweeping views of the East African plains below and Kibo, the extinct volcanic crater that crowns the mountain.

Further on, the trail meets the Dr Seuss-like landscape of the Barranco Valley, where giant senecia, groundsel and lobelia plants stud the barren landscape. It ascends the Great Barranco Wall at an altitude of 4420m and passes beneath Breach Wall, the largest ice and rock face in Africa.

The final summit pitch starts around midnight and the long, steep climb, at almost 6000m, is extremely challenging. Uhuru – the Swahili name for Mt Kilimanjaro – means ‘freedom’. Upons summiting, the sheer exhilaration you’ll feel standing on the ‘Roof of Africa’ at the top of the continent’s highest mountain is indescribable. 

After descending from the mountain, it’s a short flight to the spice isle, Zanzibar for some well-earned R&R, staying in the relaxed luxury of the White Sands Luxury Villas and Spa.

There are three days and nights of un-planned leisurely pleasure: relax on the pristine white sands of the private beach; swim or snorkel in the warm turquoise sea and dine on freshly-landed game fish. Exploring the labyrinth of narrow alleys in historic Stone Town reveals cobbled laneways faced with ornately-carved Omani doors dating back to when Zanzibar was one of the most important trading centres in the Indian Ocean. Or perhaps reward yourself with a recuperative spa treatment…or two. You’ll have earned it.



Summit to Sea: Kilimanjaro & Zanzibar

The 14-day Secret Women’s Series Climb Kilimanjaro adventure begins with on 16 August, 2020 and costs US$6,800. It includes three nights pre-climb and four nights post-climb hotel accommodation; tented accommodation on Mount Kilimanjaro; transfers; Zanzibar flight; porterage and fees; emergency equipment and all meals on trek. For additional inclusions and further details click here or call +61 2 9327 0666.

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