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India - a feast for the senses 
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Vibrant, intoxicating, confronting, astounding, pulsating and magnetic...this is India!

Possibly the most diverse nation in the world, it boasts something for everyone with snow-capped Himalayas, Kerala’s languid tropical greenery, the sacred Ganges, the shifting sands of the Thar Desert, dizzying cities, spice-laden markets, temples, castles, colonial echoes of the British Raj and so much more.

BUT, we hear you cry, where do we even begin? Worry not. Today marks the ancient Hindu festival of Holi and to join the celebration, we've handpicked selection of the most mesmerising, exotic and downright eccentric journeys for you to begin your exploration…

"India...the one land that all men desire to see, and having seen once, by even a glimpse, would not give that glimpse for all the shows of all the rest of the globe combined" - Mark Twain

Happy Holi!
23 Mar 2016
An ancient Hindu festival celebrating the arrival of spring, good overcoming evil, love, laughter and the joy of life in a riotous explosion of colour!
By Ambassador
14 Oct 2016
Do what few Westerners do - drive in India. Navigate peaceful parks, plantations and paddies in a Hindustan Ambassador. Extraordinary and delightful!
Yogi Serenity
17 Oct 2016
Purity on Lake Vembanad, tranquility at Rajakkad, Ayuvedic treatments and yoga - this is a full immersion into the serenity of Southern India.
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Threads of India
1 Nov 2016
This year Christina Sumner OAM will take another small group to India's Rajasthan taking in colourful heritage, luxury hotels, sumptuous textiles and exquisite craftsmanship.
Pushkar Ride
3 Nov 2016
An epic relief ride through India's stunning wilderness delivering much needed resources, medical  services and livestock to remote communities and families below the poverty line.
Spice Pilgrims
5 Nov 2016
A culinary pilgrimage! Taste your way through Southern India using food, spices and history as the key to engaging with the social and cultural diversity of this incredible nation.
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Happy Holi - Post & Win!

All this riotous colour and chaos makes India one of the most Instagram-worthy  destinations on the planet and we want to see your handiwork!

To celebrate Holi, which explodes this week, we're giving away a copy of Christine Manfield's beautiful hardback book 'Tasting India' to one lucky Instagram or Facebook follower.

To enter:

  • Post your favourite India travel snap on Instagram or Facebook
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We'll announce the winner on 1 April and we'll post your prize to any Australian address. Good luck!

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