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With 'The Jungle Book' currently revelling in red carpet glory, we’d like to take a moment to remember the godfather of colonial jungle days, Rudyard Kipling, and the setting for his magical childhood classic, the Kanha Tiger Reserve - one of India's most iconic wildlife destinations. Although home to Indian Wolf, ‘Baloo’ the sloth bear, leopard and even the elusive Indian pangolin, it is best known for its thriving tiger population, proving that Shere Kahn, the king of the jungle, really does reign on.

Of course India’s jungles are just the beginning – rainforests are found on every continent across the globe, except Antarctica, and whilst covering just 2% of the earth’s surface they host more than 50% of its flora and fauna. They are secretive, enchanted havens where lilies grow big enough to swallow you whole, cats slink through sultry undergrowth, bird-eating spiders lurk in the shadows, isolated tribes remain ‘undiscovered’ for centuries and a cacophony of bird life and clouds of butterflies rise through the canopy in all their colourful brilliance.

Any venture into the jungle ignites a wide-eyed sense of childhood wonder - truly the stuff of fairytales.

Kipling Cool
Flame of the Forest, India
An intimate hideaway nestling on the banks of the Banjar river in the heart of the dense Indian forest. Home to tiger, leopard, sloth bear and swamp deer, this was the inspiration for Kipling’s jungle.
Heritage India
Samode Safari Lodge, India
With access to over 400km² of pristine wilderness, home to the elusive panther and the highest density of tigers in the world, this colonial style lodge has serious wildlife wow factor!
Wild Wetlands
Rincon del Socorro, Argentina
Tucked away in the lesser known, remote jungley wilderness of Argentina’s Ibera Wetlands, this lodge takes you to the heart of an ambitious conservation project.
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Gorilla country
Volanoes Virunga Lodge, Rwanda
Trek in the footsteps of Diane Fossey through Rwanda's intrepid Parc National des Volcans for one of the most profound natural history experiences in the world.
Amazon Hideaway
Cristalino Jungle Lodge, Brazil
Enjoy a full Amazon immersion with luxurious indoor-outdoor jungle suites, a canopy viewing tower and incredible wildlife including tapirs, giant otters and howler monkeys.
Leopard Luxe
Yala Leopard Trails, Sri Lanka
Like the exotic expeditions of the early British adventurers, a safari to Sri Lanka is wild, luxurious and romantic, seeking out the elusive leopard whilst surrounded by remarkable biodiversity.
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Caribbean flair with South American style

How much do you know about these countries? Chances are, very little. Few have heard of them and fewer still would be able to pin point them on the map. Read our blog about this incredible destination and see why you should be among the real minority to experience their spectacular offerings.

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