Patagonia is a vast and empty wind-swept triangle at the southern-most tip of South America – the continent’s Southern Frontier. Awash with breathtaking landscapes and filled with expansive lakes, arid plateaus, mighty glaciers, snow-capped mountains and ethereal forests.

Patagonia is the outdoor adventurer’s playground and wilderness lover’s paradise. Horse riding, white water rafting, mountain biking, fly fishing, hiking, volcano-climbing and fjord cruising are all on offer and destination highlights include the breathtaking Puerto Moreno Glacier, the lonely island of Tierra del Fuego and the towering peaks of Torres del Paine National Park. Cruising from the Valdez Peninsular one can spot southern right whales, orcas, elephant seals and sea lions and an expeditionary voyage from Cape Horn takes you to the very ends of the earth, dwarfed by the primal magnitude of nature. Patagonia is truly a wonder of the world.


Rather than dividing Patagonia ‘Argentinean Patagonia’ and ‘Chilean Patagonia’ it is more logical to think of the region in terms of the north and the south. Covering a great longitudinal range, the landscapes and experiences of both Chilean and Argentinean Patagonia are far better defined by geography than by nationality.

Passing between the two countries is straightforward and allows you to enjoy a bespoke journey tailored to your interests and sense of adventure, taking in the very best of this wildly beautiful region without compromise.


Travel advice, information and inspiration from the team at The Classic Safari Company.

1+ guests 9 days

Patagonia Jeep Safari

An overland Jeep safari offers you a unique way to experience the jaw-dropping landscapes of wild Patagonia. These safaris come equipped with safety, luxury, comfort and style. Patagonia’s driving terrain encompasses the full spectrum, from well-paved roads and hard packed dirt, to loose gravel and sometimes uneven terrain.

4 - 10 guests 17 days

Argentine Polo Open

This unique trip offers, an exclusive and rarely-witnessed insight into the life of a gaucho, combining it seamlessly with the luxury of Jakob’s personal property, the vibrant culture of flamboyant Buenos Aires and the thrill of world class polo. It is not to be missed.

4+ guests 7 nights

Jakotango Argentina

Explore the remotest areas of Argentina, ranging from private ranches in Buenos Aires to the heart of the Patagonian Andes, on an exclusive ride coupled with authentic accommodation and colonial farm leisure. If mountain trekking on horseback through Patagonia is not enough, there is always swimming in turquoise waters, plenty of tango dancing and so much more.

1+ guests 6+ nights

The W Trek

The W hike tales places in Chile’s iconic Torres del Paine, an area of soaring granite pillars, azure lakes, stunning vistas and emerald forests more than 2000m above the Patagonian steppe. The world famous ‘W’ trek is so called due to the shape of the route on the map and it takes in Torres del Paine’s most spectacular sites.

We know where to go, what to do and how to get you there!


Information and inspiration from the team at The Classic Safari Company

Awasi Patagonia

Located inside a private reserve neighbouring the Torres del Paine National Park - considered to be one of the most emblematic sites of Chilean Patagonia. It dazzles you with its magnificent scenery of jagged mountains and its lakes of glacial origin with ever-changing turquoise hues. Awasi Patagonia is stylish, intimate and atmospheric. It is the home away from home.

Tierra Patagonia

The intimate Tierra Patagonia sits on a bluff where the vast pampas meet Lake Sarmiento and provides magnificent views of Patagonia’s iconic mountain peaks of Torres del Paine. Tierra Patagonia brings cutting edge design, casual but exclusive accommodation, a superb range of outdoor excursions and legendary Chilean hospitality to one of Chile's most iconic destinations.

Explora Patagonia

The comfortable and elegant Explora Patagonia is located at the centre of the Torres del Paine National Park, the heart of Patagonia, on the shores of Lake Pehoe. Perched above the milky, turquoise waters of Lago Pehoé the views of the Paine Massif and horns are simply stunning. As part of the all-inclusive package, the hotel also offers a wide selection of full and half day excursions.