Conservation & Community

More and more we understand that travellers are looking for ways to combine their love of adventure with a passion for giving back. At The Classic Safari Company we support a number of conservation and community projects throughout Africa, Latin America, India and Sri Lanka and tailor all our travel experiences to ensure conservation is at the core.

Every journey is created to provide you with the most authentic and rewarding experience, encompassing all the qualities we are passionate about - exceptional hospitality, professionalism in the field of guiding and conservation of the local wildlife and communities. We can incorporate your interests whilst endeavouring to ensure you have as little impact on the natural surroundings as humanly possible.

By choosing to travel with The Classic Safari Company you are directly contributing towards conservation efforts and community projects in your chosen destination. Highlighted here are a number of properties that specifically incorporate a community or conservation project that are made available for you to visit during your stay.  This is just the tip of the iceberg as almost every camp, lodge or operator that we recommend avidly supports a school, clinic, research project or conservation outfit. We can also arrange your active participation in projects or seek out other volunteering and fundraising opportunities for you.  Just ask!