The Pantanal

Extending hundreds of thousands of square kilometres across central-western Brazil, eastern Bolivia and eastern Paraguay, the Pantanal is a mosaic of flooded grasslands, savannas and tropical forests.  It is the world’s largest wetland of any kind and one of the least explored regions of Brazil. The Pantanal hosts a biologically diverse collection of aquatic plants and animal species, making it an ideal landscape for any nature enthusiast.  The lower vegetation levels and open spaces make it easier to observe wildlife such as caiman reptiles, anacondas and rare, sought after sightings of jaguar, puma , giant river otter and hyacinth macaw - all in their natural environment.  Walks, horseback and bicycle rides, trips in canoes, photographic safaris and nocturnal spotlight adventures reveal the rich fauna and flora of Pantanal at its best. And there is nowhere better than the Pantanal to fish for piranhas!

Why we like it

  • Immense, pristine & biologically rich
  • Habitat of rare, endangered species
  • Plethora of activities
  • Myriad of bright butterflies & flowers
  • Fish for piranha!
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