Santiago, Valpariso & Winelands

Santiago rises at the foot of the Andes and is considered one of the most important financial centres of Latin America. The city’s attraction also lies in its proximity to beaches, ski resorts and the heart of the wine country.  Offering a delightful array of museums, galleries and exhibition halls the city truly celebrates the country’s artistic culture, and the restaurant scene lures visitors with its fresh products, authentic flavors, and diverse, creative preparations by top chefs.

Being in the mountains one day and at the sea the next is a unique perk of Santiago. In less than two hours from the city you can be high in the Andes at a ski resort or discovering the renowned wine valleys of Maipo, Casablanca, and Colchagua - each growing its own style of wine due to their varying microclimates.  On the coast the port city of Valparaiso has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and is home to a bohemian artistic scene. Built atop steep hills, the city has charm and an identity all of its own. Drive along the winding shore, enjoy the sunshine, a delicious sea breeze, first-rate seafood and gorgeous beaches.

Why we like it

  • Chile's cultured capital
  • Colonial colour of Barrio Brasil
  • The port city of Valparaiso
  • Luxe wine retreats
  • Dramatically wedged between the Pacific Ocean & Andes Mountains
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