Republic of the Congo

The Republic of Congo (or Congo-Brazzaville as it is sometimes named, not to be confused with the Democratic Republic of Congo DRC which is a completely different country) is an unspoilt conservation hotspot and exotic safari destination. The safari experience here combines river ecosystems and savannahs with wildlife rich bais (clearings) and steamy jungles teeming with forest elephants, chimpanzees, butterflies, colourful fungi, brilliant birdlife and plenty of primates including the critically endangered western lowland gorilla.

Odzala-Kokoua National Park

Odzala-Kokoua National Park in Congo's remote north-west is one of Africa's oldest national parks. It covers an incredible 13,600km2 (3.36 million acres) and represents an essential part of both the greater Congo Basin system and the groundbreaking TRIDOM Transfrontier Park which combines bordering national parks in Gabon, Cameroon and DRC Congo. It is famed for its primate populations, particularly the critically endangered western lowland gorilla, is one of the last refuges of the African forest elephant, and boasts iconic West Central African fauna such as forest buffalo, bongo and dozens of little-known mammal species including water chevrotain and palm civet.

Where to stay – luxury camps & lodges

Odzala National Park boasts a unique collection of luxurious eco jungle lodges and camps which are reached by kayak, 4x4 or on foot. These include Ngaga Camp, Mboko Camp and Lango Camp which combine beautifully to present a diverse itinerary covering a range of habitats. Read more here.

Sustainable eco-tourism

Tourism is a relatively new, but growing, sector in the Republic of Congo and our carefully selected operators here are tirelessly committed to preserving Congo’s wilderness areas. We firmly believe that well managed eco-tourism contributes to global awareness, local sustainable development and the protection of forests, pioneering the Congo as a premium safari destination and diversifying the economy away from petrochemicals.

Why visit?

The Republic of Congo is a destination for those looking for a wild and unique safari adventure. Few have trodden the Congo’s wilderness areas and this presents an exciting opportunity to be among the first to discover their astonishing biodiversity and pave the way for a sustainable future.

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Why we like it

  • An emerging, little known safari destination
  • Critically endangered western lowland gorillas
  • River ecosystems, savannahs with wildlife rich bais & steamy jungles
  • Birds, butterflies & colourful funghi
  • Sound eco-tourism operators & a sustainable future
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