An Indian Safari – Wildlife and Nature

There are hundreds of wildlife parks and sanctuaries throughout India and the country has a long conservation history, having set up national parks and protected areas as far back as 1935. This not only reflects the importance that the country places on nature and wildlife conservation, but also makes India an exceptional destination for those wishing to combine the food, historic monuments and culture of the cities with first class wildlife watching and privately guided nature safaris in the wilderness.

Tigers, leopards & lions

One of India's most renowned parks for spotting tigers is Ranthambore. Located in Rajasthan in Northern India it derives its name from a 10th century fortress which lies within the park, making for some stunning photographic opportunities as the tigers lounge amongst the ruins.

For leopard one should head to Jawai, in the south of Rajasthan, where the Rabari herdsmen have co-existed with the area’s wildlife for centuries. The landscape is rugged and dramatic with towering granite formations set against winding sand riverbeds and the standard of private guiding is outstanding. Leopard sightings are virtually guaranteed.

The Asiatic lion once prowled across Asia and the Middle East. Sadly, the lions were hunted nearly to extinction, with as few as ten individuals left in existence by the late 1800s. Gir Wildlife Sanctuary in Gujarat has the last wild Asiatic lions in the world.

Step into The Jungle Book

As the setting for Rudyard Kipling’s world famous children’s classic, the Kanha Tiger Reserve is one of India's most iconic wildlife destinations. It's home to Indian Wolf, ‘Baloo’ the sloth bear and a thriving tiger population indicating that Shere Khan’s reign as king of the jungle is far from over.


India offers some of the best birding in the world due largely to its habitat diversity but Corbett National Park (India's first national park, established in 1936) alone hosts 50 species of raptors and some 650 resident and migratory species including Plum-headed parakeets, great hornbills and the stunning paradise flycatchers.

All creatures great, small and surprising

The wildlife in India is incredibly diverse and many people would be surprised to learn of some unusual species that exist here. Asian elephant, white-rumped vulture, Asian one-horned rhinoceros, crocodile, wild dog, hyena, jackal and even the elusive pangolin can all be spotted as well as the golden langur - one of the rarest monkeys in the world.

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Why we like it

  • Incredible wildlife in natural habitat
  • View critically endangered species
  • Exceptional birding opportunities
  • Contribute to ongoing conservation
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