High Andean peaks where majestic condors soar, steamy rainforests of the Amazon basin, nearly limitless coastal destinations and the almost mythical Machu Picchu.

Once you see the mystically enchanting Andean highlands of Peru, you will understand why the Incas considered this place as the centre of their empire. Cradled by cloud-shrouded peaks, surrounded by cultivated fields of quinoa, the Inca erected stone temples without mortar. They laid roads the length of the country and melted gold into every form imaginable–from wall décor to hand plows. Over eight centuries later, we still thrill to seeing the sun rising behind the ruins of Machu Picchu and to hiking the mythical Inca Trail. This spellbinding country also has desert-meets-sea beaches, lush Amazonian jungle and magnificent volcanoes, as well as captivating cities that inspire travellers both young and old. Wander through a first century adobe city, feel colonial ghosts in the glorious Cusco cathedrals, fly over the mysterious Nazca desert drawings, visit the Uros people on floating islands in Lake Titicaca and feast on alpaca steak and ceviche in stylish eateries in Lima. Or go off the beaten track to the alabaster city of Arequipa, spot condors from a gorge twice as deep as the Grand Canyon, sandboard or buggy over dunes in Paracas and sail to Peru’s own version of the Galapagos Islands.

Why we like it

  • The Sacred Valley of the Incas
  • Breathtaking Machu Picchu
  • Lake Titicaca & Nazca Lines
  • The Peruvian Amazon
  • Charming mix of Inca, Spanish & Colonial culture
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