There are some places in this world that just have to be experienced for oneself and no amount of words can truly define the exquisite beauty that unfolds before you…..that place is the Sultanate of Oman.

A place of luxurious indulgence where the footsteps of prophets, kings and legends have left their mark and the traditions of an ancient land and its people perfectly merge with modern times. It is a country of wonderful UNESCO World Heritage site, great beauty and natural wonders, from the shifting sand dunes of the Wahiba to spectacular mountain ranges, impressive wadis and the dramatic Musandam Peninsula. Explore forts and castles that date back centuries and unearth hidden treasures in the alleyways of the souks. You can’t help but be captivated and feel blessed by the genuine Arabian hospitality. Discover where 'Beauty Has an Address' - only an hour from Abu Dhabi or Dubai.


Why we like it

Where East meets West
Fascinating and rich culture
Dramatic landscapes
A place of opulent indulgence
Just 1 hour from Dubai & Abu Dhabi
Ancient history with a modern lifestyle
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