North Luangwa & Bangweulu Wetlands

Escape the crowds and head to the very remote North Luangwa National Park.  It offers one of the finest wilderness experiences in Zambia, if not Africa itself.  The only access is with one of the few safari operators granted permission to conduct walking safaris, and there are no permanent lodges there.  The beauty of visiting this park is the truly remarkable opportunities to experience Africa as it was - it is wild and untouched and you are simply an unobtrusive witness to its natural beauty and drama. The Park is noted for its massive herds of buffalo, a spectacular sight if they’re seen on the run, kicking up dust for miles behind them. Large prides of lion also inhabit the territory along with the rare Cookson’s wildebeest. 

To the northwest lie the Bangweulu Swamps and Wetlands. This area floods in the wet season between November and March and it is this seasonal rising and falling of the flood waters that dictates life in the swamps.  Here you will find one of the most rare and elusive birds in Africa, the shoebill.  The Bangweulu Swamps are one of their last remaining habitats and during the early months following the rains, this strange looking bird can regularly be seen on the fringe between the permanent swamps and the floodplains.

Why we like it

  • Ultimate walking safari destination
  • Bangweulu:'where water meets sky'
  • Home to the rare & elusive Shoebill
  • Healthy black rhino population
  • True wilderness destination
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