Mozambique is a tropical melting pot of African, Portuguese and Arab influences.  Its main attraction is its glorious beaches and archipelagos. The more remote northern coast, with the beautiful and unexplored islands and reefs of the Quirimbas Archipelago, is excellent for diving and snorkelling, while the southern coast is more easily accessible and has plenty to offer for both relaxation and activity on and under water.

Inland, the wildlife is slowly building up in the reserves after the civil war and there are a handful of very well-run camps in Gorongosa National Park and Niassa National Reserve where you can appreciate the wilderness in all its unspoilt glory.

Remnants of the country’s history can be found on Ibo Island and Ilha de Moçambique, which are well worth visiting.

Why we like it

  • Indian Ocean beach escape
  • Island havens and colonial towns
  • Fascinating marine life
  • Pristine beaches and coral reefs
  • Unsullied by tourist trappings
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