A brief overview describing Morocco's highlights would outweigh War and Peace and still only skim the surface. The exotic colours, history and culture that have attracted travellers from time immemorial are still visible and vibrant and unlike anything else Africa has to offer.  What is most incredible about Morocco is not only that so many choices are possible in one country, but that you could comfortably see many of them in the same week. And you won't have to sacrifice any of life's little luxuries either, for Morocco has a huge selection of excellent hotels with cuisine inherited during the French occupation as well as traditional Moroccan cuisine with its delicious tagines and couscous.

Morocco has the widest range of climates of all North African countries - it is possible to travel from the snows of the Atlas Mountains to the sands of the Sahara Desert in a day. There is a Mediterranean climate to the north ranging to sub-tropical in the south. Temperatures will vary widely depending on altitude and latitude.

Why we like it

  • Kasbahs & Spices
  • Colourful & charismatic
  • Souks & Sahara
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