From Mexico City with its world-class museums and trendy restaurants to the traditional mountain villages and white sand beach resorts - this vast, colourful country makes you feel welcome.

Ever since Spanish conquistador Hernán Cortez scoured the land for golden treasures in 1519, curious travellers have come in search of enriching experiences. Mexico’s ancient myths and romantic tales are as alluring as the landscape – majestic mountains, tropical forests, sandy deserts and dreamy beaches along two coastlines. A patchwork of enormously different native-American cultures – from the Aztec and Mayan empires to the Spanish colonial era and the current multitude of regional identities - make the country a dynamic and constantly surprising place to travel. Mexico City–vast and cosmopolitan–is packed with notable Baroque, Art Nouveau and Modern architecture, contemporary art galleries and hot restaurants where a fashionable late lunch can last well past dinner. Acapulco, Cancun and Los Cabos offer yachting, fishing and other water sports. Dive to the Maya Reef, the largest coral reef in the Western Hemisphere.

Explore ancient temples in Chichen Itza and Palenque. Get a modern take on traditional Mayan massage in romantic Tulum. Famous for mescal and tequila, the Aztecs and Maya, Frida and Diego, and beach resorts in both Pacific and Caribbean, Mexico offers something for everyone.

Why we like it

  • Land of the Aztec and Mayans
  • Hidden jungles & high mountains
  • Magnificent Yucatan Peninsula
  • Chichén Itzá Mayan Temple City
  • The colour, music, art & history
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