Separated from the African continent by hundreds of kilometres of sea, and 165 million years of evolution, Madagascar’s plants and animals have evolved into some of the most peculiar forms on the planet. The national parks are teeming with lemurs, rare birds, chameleons, geckos, lizards, butterflies and a host of weird and wonderful insects and plants - 80% of which are only found on this, the fourth largest island in the world.  Madagascar is particularly well known for its dancing lemurs and is an absolute haven for nature lovers and keen zoologists. It has three climatic zones with mountains, semi-deserts and rainforests plus sandy beaches and clear tropical waters dotted with archipelagos of islands linked by coral reefs. The Malagasy people are unfailingly polite and friendly and the 18 different ethnic groups are as fascinating and unique as the country itself.

Why we like it

  • Abundant exotic birds
  • Impressive rare plants
  • Endemic bottle shaped baobabs
  • Unspoilt beaches & forests
  • Staggering variety of lemurs
  • Kaleidescope of chameleons
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