South Luangwa National Park

The South Luangwa National Park is one of the natural jewels in Zambia’s crown, and home to one of the most varied collections of wildlife on earth. Although South Luangwa is only about half the size of other southern African heavyweights like Kruger in South Africa or Etosha in Namibia, in terms of density of big game it’s top of the pile.  The park marks the end of the Great Rift Valley and is centred around the Luangwa River - the most intact major river system in Africa and the life-blood of the park. This unspoilt wilderness is possibly the finest wildlife sanctuary in Africa and the birthplace of the walking safari – a thrilling way to be immersed in the bush.The river area is home to a vast population of hippos and crocodiles and the region is the only place that you will see the rare Thornicroft giraffes. The protected woodlands and grasslands beside the Luangwa River provide the perfect habitat and you will see elephants, buffalos and lions along with a host of antelopes, warthogs, wild dogs, baboons and over 400 species of birds.  Above all the South Luangwa is renowned for exceptional and abundant leopard sightings and is one of THE top places in Africa to view this magnificent cat.


Why we like it

  • The languid Luangwa River
  • Land of the leopard
  • Birds Galore
  • Birthplace of walking safaris
  • Stunning bushcamps
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