Perched on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, along the outlet of the Rimac River, Peru’s capital is spectacularly placed. Once South America’s richest city, Lima was hailed the City of Kings by the Spanish conquistadors.  Lima has a clutch of elegant and trendy neighbourhoods from the bohemian suburb of Barranco with its flowery gardens to the handsome, seaside area of Miraflores. Lima houses some of Peru’s finest museums and monuments, such as the looming Baroque form of the Monasterio de San Francisco, with its dramatic porch and relic‐filled library, the Government Palace, Cathedral and the Town Hall that stand around the Plaza de Armas, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  With its mix of colonial heritage, Latin passion and glamour, Lima is an exciting entrée to all that Peru has to offer.

Why we like it

  • Gateway to the land of the Incas
  • The seaside suburb of Miraflores
  • Home to pre-Colombian treasures
  • Cevicherias serving coastal flavours
  • A sophisticated & glamorous capital
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