Lake Titicaca - Peru & Bolivia

Lake Titicaca the ‘Sacred Lake of the Incas’ forms a natural border between Peru and Bolivia. It is the largest lake in South America, the highest navigable lake in the world at an altitude of over 3,800 metres and is surrounded by dramatic views of the Andes and the altiplano.  According to Incan mythology Lake Titicaca is the birthplace of the Incas.  It is where the god Viracocha commanded the sun, the moon and stars and created the first human beings. The unique floating islands of the indigenous Uros people are Lake Titicaca's top attraction. These man-made islands of reeds lie on the Peruvian side of the lake where the descendents of the ancient Incas live a now-commercialised, but overall, simple and traditional life.

Why we like it

  • The floating islands of the Uros
  • Highest navigable lake in the world
  • Largest lake in South America
  • Rich & colourful cultures
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Top Pick - Lake Titicaca - Peru & Bolivia

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