As one of the most diverse Countries in the world, India offers incomparable variety to its guests.Walk the streets of any Indian city and find a dizzying array of languages, food and culture that few countries can boast.Explore spice-laden markets, places of pilgrimage, imposing temples and desert castles. Meet tigers, elephants, leopards and exotic wildlife the likes of which you’ve never seen before.A visit to colourful, charismatic India is always an adventure.

Northern India Highlights

Delhi offers a fascinating insight into Indian culture through its two iconic districts: Old Delhi, a city with 1000 years of history, and New Delhi, the city created in 1911 as the British Capital. Wander the narrow alleys of Delhi and be taken in by the charm of this spell-binding city.For a change of pace, the regal beauty of the Taj Majal never fails to amaze its patrons.


The Himalayas are the World’s mightiest mountains – their lofty summits have been leaving their marks on visitors from across the world for millennia.The sheer geographic diversity on offer makes travel to these untouched heights a must.

In the West, the Kashmir region is renowned for its magnetism.Amongst the enclave of monasteries peppered along these rocky hilltops is an opportunity to delve into ancient Buddhist rituals.

In the east one can explore the Kingdom of Sikkim & the tea plantations of Darjeeling that lie beneath the third highest mountain in the world – Kangchenjunga.

Himalayan Village Walk

holidays in India: Himalayan Village Walk

Few people have heard of the Kumaon outside India and as a result, the region has managed to maintain its reputation as a secluded jewel.The Kumaon Village walk provides a compelling opportunity to discover the remote regions of the Indian Himalaya.The overnight "homestays" in rustic accommodation allow the locals to share their traditional lifestyles with guests.

West Bengal Glenburn Tea Estate (Himalaya)

Glenburn Tea Estate

Glenburn Tea Estate lies above the banks of the River Rungeet, deep in the Himalaya and is overlooked by the mighty Kanchenjunga.The Bungalow has been lovingly restored, while still retaining its colonial charm.The four bedrooms in the new Water Lily Bungalow are beautifully furnished with local floral themes.Glenburn is the perfect place to take in the captivating views that define the tranquil elegance of the Darjeeling.

The Staff are also another highlight – don’t miss the expertly crafted feasts that balance the best of Indian, Oriental and Western cuisine!

Southern India Highlights

Kerala and Southern India

From the peaceful waters of Kerala to the stunning temples of Tamil Nadu, Southern India is an unmissable delight.Once-in-a-lifetime experiences await the adventurous traveler.This tropical paradise, so different from the mayhem of northern India, is a must-see destination.

Western Ghats: Indian Ambassador Rally

Self driving safari in India

Take to the roads in an experience rarely allowed to many – drive through India in a classic Hindustan Ambassador!

This eccentric adventure will take you through some of India’s most stunning sights, across hot arid plains, up and over the Western Ghat Mountains, to wildlife reserves and old British hill stations, and along winding roads to the cool oases of hillside tea plantations. You’ll experience the allure of contemporary India from the comfort of a Hindustan Ambassador.

This is an extraordinary journey offering a real sense of adventure and a genuine insight into real, beautiful India.

Spice Pilgrims Tamil Nadu / Kerala

Indian food and spice

India is renowned internationally for its diverse regional cuisine: unique spices have been instrumental in this expression of culinary wealth and knowledge.

Spices have contributed to India’s distinctive cultural identity.This specially designed journey uses food, spices and history to engage with Indian traditions.Bustling bazaars and sophisticated boutiques offer significant opportunities to burn calories in between wonderful meals and a cast of charming Indian hosts.

Wildlife and Nature

wild life & bengal tiger in India

The abundance of wildlife parks and sanctuaries throughout India highlights the important relationship for many in the country between nature and conservation.For those wishing to combine adventure and stunning wildlife, India cannot be matched.

Why we like it

  • Vibrant cities
  • Rich cultural landmarks
  • Fantastic festivals
  • Majestic wildlife
  • Colourful, chaotic & life changing
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