Ethiopia is challenging, awe-inspiring and intriguing and those who travel here will be rewarded by its ancient archaeological, cultural and natural riches. With the highest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites of any African country, Ethiopia’s storied and sovereign history is laden with historical treasures including ancient tombs and obelisks of Aksum, 17th century castles and 13th century rock-hewn churches.

The landscapes are no less dramatic, and the Simien Mountains are arguably the most spectacular mountain range in Africa, providing tremendous trekking and wildlife encounters unlike anywhere else on our planet.  But perhaps it is the people who will impress you the most. Ethiopia is the only African country that wasn’t colonised and Ethiopian people are proud and hospitable. The remote lowlands in the southwest of the country are home to some of Africa’s most fascinating tribes.  Here lies the hidden wonders of the Omo Valley, where ancient and established African tribes maintain their customs and their individuality.      If fine food, flash accommodation and first world service are what you seek then give Ethiopia a miss; but if ancient customs, incredible history, magnificent scenery, endemic wildlife and delightfully friendly people tick all the boxes head to Ethiopia, now. 

Why we like it

  • UNESCO World Heritage sites
  • Lalibela's historical churches
  • Bale & Simien Mountains wildlife
  • The Tribes of the Omo Valley   
  • Way off the beaten track
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Top Pick - Ethiopia

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