Little known, and virtually unexplored Chad is way off the tourist radar and offers truly uncharted territory. Set in the heart of Africa it has been plagued by political strife and national security issues for years, but is now celebrating a major conservation success story: Zakouma National Park.

Zakouma was established in 1963 and was the first national park declared in the country. It remains as one of the last strongholds of wildlife in Central Africa and is home to lion, elephant, buffalo as well as over 50 other species of mammals.The birding is also unparalleled with a number of Sudan-Guinea Savanna and Sahel Biome species including black-rumped waxbills, Savile’s bustards and niam niam parrot. The only place to stay in Zakouma is Tinga Camp, open for the dry season mid-November to the end of May.

N’Djamena is the capital and largest city in Chad. There are few traditional tourist sights, but the markets are amazing and the people incredibly friendly. Beyond the capital the Sahel beckons – the Ennedi region in the north-east offers incredible towering rock pillars and arches interspersed with lush oases; Lake Chad holds the largest body of water in the Sahara and is a magnet for the nomadic Bororo shepherds after the rains; whilst the Tibesti Mountains, a range of inactive volcanoes, are home to the nomadic and secretive Toubou people. With over 120 languages spoken the nomadic tribes themselves are a worthwhile reason to visit Chad. 

Why we like it

  • Nomadic tribes & camel caravans
  • Zakouma's phenomenal wildlife
  • Birders paradise
  • Weird & wonderful Ennedi Desert
  • Unexplored & uncharted
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Top Pick - Chad

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