Owned by no one, visited by a few, Antarctica is the world’s coldest, windiest and wildest continent and truly the world’s ultimate travel frontier.

Magnificent icebergs, carved from the elements into natural ice sculptures, float serenely whilst seals bask on their icy shelves. Humpback whales with barnacled heads breach the glassy surface of the ocean and busybody penguins chatter in their thousands. Abandoned shelters of polar explorers, rusting whaling stations and scientific research stations are man’s only presence and rarely seen. 

A small selection of expedition vessels ply the waters of Antarctica. There are subtle differences between the cruise ships and the itineraries on offer – from standard 10 day forays to more in-depth expeditions that incorporate the islands of South Georgia and the Falklands. For those who dread the Drake crossing there is even an opportunity to now select a fly-cruise option. Optional highlights on some itineraries include kayaking, overnight camping on the ice and swimming in the thermal pools of Deception Island.

Why we like it

  • The last truly wild frontier
  • Incredible solitude
  • Epic wildlife
  • Once in a lifetime journey
  • Outstanding & enriching experience
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