Amazon Ecuador

The richest biological area anywhere in the world lies east of the Andes in Ecuador’s Amazon region. Butterflies, bats, monkeys, sloths, parrots,  macaws and river dolphins reside in this lush jungle. Rain forest walks, canoe journeys, kayaking, night walks reveal creatures such as caiman and, for the adventurous two day kayak or dugout journeys deep into the jungle on the Shiripuno River will reveal numerous monkeys and more than 600 species of tropical birds. There are also innumerable varieties of flora, including 4,500 species of orchids.  And of course there are the tribal inhabitants of the forest.  Listen to ancient Huaorani tales and learn to use a blowgun and spear and listen to an indigenous leader relate his people’s fight against oil exploration. It is an authentic and inspirational travel experience.

Why we like it

  • Indigenous tribes
  • Sacred waterfalls
  • Incredible flora & fauna
  • Adventurous exploratory options
  • Stunning eco lodges
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Top Pick - Amazon Ecuador

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