Okavango Delta

Situated deep within the Kalahari Basin and often referred to as the ‘jewel’ of the Kalahari, the Okavango Delta is rightly considered one of the most incredible wilderness sanctuaries in Africa. It is the largest inland delta system in the world, an area filled with water channels, lagoons and islands and teeming with rare species and dazzling birdlife. Here you can relax as you're paddled by mokoro (wooden dug-out canoe) through reeded channels with clear sandy bottoms, frothy papyrus and tiny jewel-coloured frogs, while fish eagles call and hippos splash.

Fed by the Okavango River which begins high in the Angolan Highlands the delta is around 15,000 km² in size during drier periods but swells to around 22,000km² once floodwaters arrive. The arrival of the floodwaters (following a time lag as they travel from Angola) uncannily coincides with the disappearance of the summer rainwaters, revitalising the area and ensuring a continual oasis for wildlife in the arid Kalahari.

A recent overview recorded 122 species of mammals, 135 species of fish and reptiles, 444 species of bird and 1300 species of flowering plant. A successful reintroduction programme now means you can spot 36 white and 4 black rhino here, plus elephant, buffalo, giraffe, zebra, red lechwe, crocodile, leopard, cheetah, lion, serval, genet and more.

The Delta can be explored on foot, by vehicle or aboard a mokoro (traditional dug out canoe), gliding across silent waters carpeted with lilies. The camps, lodges, operators and guides here are some of the best in the world. Depending on your style you can luxuriate in an exclusive 5 star hideaway or wild camp on a deserted island with nothing but a mosquito net between you and the night sky. The delta is a nature lover’s wonderland harbouring infinite possibilities for endless exploration – a true paradise.

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