How to Book

In order to confirm your travel arrangements, please note the following key steps that need to be taken:

1.  Fill in and sign the Booking Form - Our Online Booking Form must be completed, or you can print, sign and return the hard copy version of the Booking Form.    Completion and submission of this form is required before we can confirm your arrangements, noting that it contains key information required by The Classic Safari Company and our suppliers in order to ensure your safe and smooth passage.  Information such as your passport names (often different from the name you normally use), passport numbers and validity, dietary requirements, emergency contact information, frequent flyer numbers,  insurance details and so forth.

2.  Organise payment of your Deposit - a 30% non-refundable deposit is required to confirm all your arrangements.  Payment of a deposit indicates acceptance of our booking Terms and Conditions.   Your final payment will be due 75 days prior to your departure at which time your documents will be processed and your final paperwork prepared. Payment made after this deadline will be deemed late payment and a surcharge of 2% of the outstanding balance will be incurred. If payment is not received 60 days prior to your departure, any arrangements with payment outstanding will be cancelled. 

  • Payment can be made by Cheque, Cash, Credit Card or by Direct Deposit. 
  • Cheques should be made payable to -  "The Classic Safari Company".
  • Direct Deposits can be made into our Australian or US dollar bank (for payment in US dollars only) accounts. For referencing purposes and when making a direct deposit, please quote your File Number (as per your invoice) and Surname.
  • Credit Cards - if you choose to pay by credit card, we reserve the right to charge the applicable merchant fee imposed by the credit card companies. For payments by Visa a 1.5% fee will apply. For payments by Mastercard a 1.8% fee will apply. For payments by American Express a 2.8% fee will apply.  These fees are calculated on the total transaction value. The respective fee is added to the total value of the arrangements.  Click here for a credit card authority    
  • Click here for a copy of our Quoting and Foreign Currency Policies

3.  Ensure you have comprehensive Travel Insurance cover -  Comprehensive travel insurance is highly recommended and it is advisable to obtain this at the time of paying your deposit. We can help with arranging your insurance - please contact us for available policies.

For comprehensive details regarding how to book your travel arrangements refer to the following link: Booking Your Safari