Photography on Safari

 Taking more than Happy Snaps


Everyone wants to come home from Africa with some fabulous shots to share with family and friends.Here are a couple of tips to make that happen:

1.Don’t travel with a brand new camera, always have time to practice before you leave.

2.Always take a copy of your manual with you (print or electronic)

3.Take your equipment in waterproof and dustproof bags.

4.Take along your iPad or laptop to download your images daily, or plenty of USB sticks – you will always take many more photos than you think! All camps have some method for you to charge your equipment.

5.Take 3 batteries; one in your camera, one with you at all times as a spare and one being charged.

6.You may want to take two different camera bodies with a range of lenses: a 35mm 1.4L, 70-200mmIS, 135L 2.0, and a 17-40L 4.0.A 1.4x lens extender for getting tightly-focused shots, a Manfrotto tripod and even a Go Pro, plus various filters. If you don’t want to keep changing lenses (and your not a real Pro) then Canon make a great 18mm-27mm Telephoto which is perfect for close up shots and also that far away elephant. If you are less serious about photography then there are some terrific point and shoot compact cameras about. A video camera is also great for those high speed action shots.

7.Most of the Rangers are also photographers and are only too interested to give you tips, they will also get you in the right spot to take the best shot.

8.Go on a photography course, look up tips on the internet and read as much as you can before you go.

9.If you can bear to put your camera down, then don’t forget a pair of binoculars 8 x 40s are best and Bushnell make an inexpensive pair.

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