David Foot

Journeying Africa's wildest regions for fifty years

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Known affectionately as ‘The Feet’, Robyn and David Foot have journeyed through wild regions of Africa for fifty years - the Kafue and South Luangwa in Zambia, the Matusadona and Mana Pools in Zimbabwe and the Nyika National Park in Malawi. Botswana is now their family home.

We have always believed that life in the African bush is a family affair and our two children, Julie (15) and Harry (14), have grown up in some of the most beautiful places on Earth. With their love and knowledge of nature and horses they provide wonderful companionship to the children who come on safari with us.

Botswana is also the setting for their stunning horseback safaris. Here the ground is good for endless gallops and the grassy plains, glittering delta and lunar saltpan landscapes boast some of the highest concentrations of bird and wildlife on the continent.

David's knowledge of the African bush is never ending and he shares it with passion - a great story teller and charming host.  He's an avid birder (so any keen twitchers should be prepared with a good set of binoculars!) and a skilled horseman. Together he and Robyn have produced a team of excellent safari horses that are familiar with big game, well schooled, evenly tempered and fit.

David and Robyn are aware that life in the safari world is integrally linked with the ongoing challenges of conserving Africa’s remaining wilderness areas and they firmly believe that everyone who is fortunate enough to be able to make their living in this way has a responsibility to immerse themselves in these difficult issues and contribute to a positive future. In Malawi, which has some of the most threatened wildlife areas in Africa, David founded the Nyika-Vwaza Trust which continues to play a pivotal role in conserving two of Malawi’s most important wildlife areas.


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