Ballooning Safari

A unique, serene view of Africa's wildlife

Ballooning over the plains of Africa may be the most exceptional experience of your life. There are no power lines, no fences and few roads. And with the capacity of your balloon basket limited this experience is both special and exclusive.

Each and every balloon flight is different and therefore an adventure, and we hope, the high point of your safari and an experience that you will remember always.

Launching at dawn, rising as the sun rises, you will commence your balloon safari by witnessing your balloon inflate whilst your pilot prpares you for launch.  After a thorough safety briefing and demonstration of boarding and landing position you board your balloon and lift off! Rising as the sun rises your balloon floats in whatever direction the winds of the day are heading. You will float in the direction of and speed of the wind with your pilot using varying altitudes and layers of air to navigate the balloon. No two flights are ever the same and your balloon safari will be unique. While impossible to guarantee particular animals, you are likely to see various species from above.  Your pilot knows the area well and is also a committed conservationist and will point out animals, birds and features of interest.

After landing you will celebrate with a champagne toast (or more precisely an excellent sparkling wine) before enjoying breakfast prepared in the bush and enjoyed in the company of your fellow balloonists, making a for a memorable finale to your adventure.

Why we like it

  • Unique wildlife perspective
  • Silent, serene and spectacular
  • A once in a lifetime experience
  • Small groups
  • Celebratory breakfast

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