Hi, I’m Silvia Cuce – South America Specialist

For as long as I can remember I loved to travel. I was born in Buenos Aires - a beautiful, crazy, elegant city which is still very dear to my heart. I travelled to Europe when I was young, then migrated to Australia back in 1989. I have been travelling ever since!

Silvia Cuce

My Story

When you are an Argentinian girl and turn 15, you are supposed to have a big party with a nice long dress, almost like a wedding. Family and friends will bring beautiful presents and the dancing goes on until the early hours of the morning. I chose not to have a ‘fiesta” but to travel instead to Europe.  I migrated to Australia back in 1989 and from that time onward I could not get the travel bug out of my veins. 

I have travelled to many corners of our beautiful planet, including countries in Europe, Asia and the South Pacific, however Latin America is still my favourite destination. When I first visited, I fell in love with its colourful rich culture, its varied landscape and scenery, as well as with the warmth of its people. One of the reasons for my passion is the fact that Latin America is a living museum! If you want to learn about the Mayan Culture for instance, you only need to visit one of the Mayan towns Mexico or Guatemala and voila….you get transported in time.  Having done a Zoology degree at the University of Melbourne and worked in the Science field for a while, I decided to change career and follow my passion for travelling, hence I enrolled in a travel course and 20 years later here I am….crafting beautiful journeys to a part of the world I am truly passionate about: Latina America. I truly believe that to travel is to enrich one’s life.

  • Born
    Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Destination Speciality
    South and Central America
  • Favourite Animal
    My dog, Hero, a black lab and my angel on earth
  • My Greatest Travel Tip
    Travel with an open mind, don’t expect things to be the same as back home
  • Favourite Places
    Patagonia in South America and Cuba in the Caribbean. Patagonia is humbling and Cuba is where your raw emotions come to life!
  • Year joined the Team
  • I Never Travel Without
    A camera
  • Craziest Experience Abroad'
    Eating guinea pig in an ancient Inca settlement, Peru
  • Greatest Accomplishment
    Nothing gives me more satisfaction in my job and makes me prouder than to chat to clients upon their return from a trip and realise that Latin America has work its magic on them too! Then I know I have done my bit.

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