Rhinos without Borders

Through the Rhinos Without Borders initiative, Great Plains Conservation, in partnership with And Beyond, as well as various government ministries, has committed to moving 100 rhino (both black and white) from high risk areas in South Africa to the comparative safety of Botswana, where rhino poaching is virtually unheard of.

Working in a phased approach, Rhinos Without Borders completed the translocation of the first batch of rhino in early 2015. Botswana has been chosen as the destination for the translocated rhino as it is considered the most protected and secure location in Africa. The country boasts the lowest poaching rate on the continent, an anti-poaching unit supported by the country’s military, a strict anti-poaching policy and intense government interest in conservation. The rhino are being translocated to a number of undisclosed locations throughout the country, where they will roam free in the wild.

And Beyond and Great Plains Conservation share a common mission and commitment to preserving Africa’s land and wildlife, and believe that, together, they can make a difference. Working together to save a species, the two companies have shown the impact that can be made by uniting for the greater good.

 Rhinos Without Borders

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Rhinos without Borders