Conservation & Community

Over the course of twenty five years designing exclusive travel itineraries to Africa and other remote parts of the world, we at The Classic Safari Company have witnessed a monumental shift in attitude towards conservation and community among our clients.  Our company began at a time when a safari in Africa still brought to mind the big game hunt, when every Land Rover carried a compliment of firearms and a great photo often included a victorious hunter lauding is up gleefully over the ‘trophy’.  How times have changed!

Thankfully, contemporary travellers recognise that many of the incredible encounters that we are fortunate to enjoy are often in peril, threatened by the relentless march of progress that can have such far reaching impacts on wildlife, habitat and community.  As custodians of the planet, we must tread lightly. We must exercise exemplary stewardship to ensure that these incredible encounters are there for our children, grandchildren and beyond, to experience for themselves.

For this reason, The Classic Safari Company takes a serious and proactive approach to conservation and community.  Whether it be a breathtaking game safari across the African savannah, a visit to a small community of traditional carpet weavers in India, or taking part in an aid drop to a remote Amazonian rainforest tribe, we believe that we have a responsibility to give something back to those places and people that provide the rich and diverse experiences that enrich our lives.   And we endeavour to do this in a number of ways.

Firstly, we aim to raise awareness amongst the people who take part in our journeys, creating highly customised travel itineraries that cater to those seeking a humanitarian focus to their holiday.  We seek to return them at the end of their adventures as passionate ambassadors with a positive mandate to drive conservation and care at home.  Their passionate advocacy is testament to the profound impact that our journeys have and we are proud of the conservationists that our itineraries inspire.

But more than that…we also work closely with our destination partners to unearth those places where positive work is being done and put our support behind these initiatives.   Below are a collection of projects and events that The Classic Safari Company endorses and supports and we sincerely hope that you will too…